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Attached is a PDF showing my costs for one Bluebird birdhouse.

I think it doesn’t make sense to have me make the cedar bluebird birdhouses for you, at least economically, unless you want something that’s handcrafted or artisanal in nature. It would sound weird in telling neighbors and friends, “Look at my artisanal birdhouses” when in fact you can get a cedar bb house for less than $20 each on Amazon.

Amazon link to one of many

However, it’s difficult to find on Amazon a bb house that has the precise diameter opening at 1-9/16” specifically intended for Mountain Bluebirds that is required to reduce predation and invasions from other birds. The Eastern Bluebird has a slightly larger opening. I don’t really know the efficacy or accuracy of these claims though. And the ones on Amazon are not made by me. And you never know if the ones on Amazon are made by 10-year-old Chinese girl orphans in prison dormitories using toxic liquid poisonous cedar preservative that will kill your birds anyway. And the Chinese girls too.

But mine are nice…it’s the only way I really know how to do things. “Quality to Suit Myself” sounds like a good logo/motto thing, don’t you think?



IMG_0228 IMG_0212

Cedar Bluebird Birdhouse Bid

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