The Sunday Tao of Popper

After triangulating the backyard cicada locations and then taking the morning dirtbath ablutions, it’s time for the first afternoon nap under the living room AC vent.

A progression:

Oh wait, sneeze coming…

larger view

And then, when it gets too chilly for the under-the-AC-vent-nap, it’s time to move to the microfiber-blanket-on-top-of-a-pillow-next-to-the-windowsill-nap in case a bird comes to rest in the dwarf yaupon just outside the window. In which case, I’ll open one eye to keep track of yet another bird that belongs to me.

sunday afternoon nap
larger view

As any good supermodel knows, it’s best to completely ignore the photographer.

Have a lovely Sunday friends, from the two of us.


all photos copyright © 2011 by barry b. doyle · all rights reserved

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