I’ve been a student at multiple institutions including this now unaccredited zeitgeist one. A cabinet maker. A VP of an architectural millwork firm. A SAHD. An artist. A writer. A solo photo road trip photographer—a photographer for almost half a century and currently have stuff in a couple of galleries with a book published and photo/journo pieces published in online magazines.

I’m older than I look…on the outside, even though I used to be cute, pretty much now I look like shit on a white horse. So, I’m retired. After graduation with a degree in Medeival European History (I know! So eminently marketable!) I went to work as an apprentice to a master cabinet maker. I then gained enough skills to buy tortillas and beans so I wouldn’t starve. I moved to Hades/Dallas to be with the then soon to be bride. (We met while doing research at the Bodleian Library in Oxford…I forget what she was doing, but I wrote a couple of monographs, eventually published, on the Celtic origins of the Arthurian Romance mythopoeic tales.)

I also do my own version of Amish barn raising—doing things for friends and neighbors that they can’t do.

Yeah, TMI.

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